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Warmframe® Technology is the global leading brand who provides inorganic high performance thermal insulation materials, technologies and systematic solutions. We have the professional technical teams committed to facade design, thermal engineering, application development of inorganic high performance thermal insulation products, testing and quality control. We also own 13 international invention patents and 7 utility model patents. As the global leading company for the high performance thermal insulation products and solution provider, Warmframe® Technology have provided systematic facade thermally broken solutions including schematic design, design optimization, craftsmanship design, PMU testing and construction application for more than 150 landmark building projects in all different kinds of climate zones around the world.

The unique and innovative technologies invented by Warmframe® Technology (Beijing) Limited Company are all called “Warmframe® Technology”, which means these technologies belong to Warmframe® Technology (Beijing) Limited Company, and Warmframe® Technology (Beijing) Limited Company owns the “Warmframe® Technology”. Warmframe® Technology (Beijing) Limited Company owns the following innovative technologies: High performance energy saving composite insulating glass technology, curtain wall shadow box technology, highly energy-efficient thermal insulating fenestration technology, facade thermal break technology, high performance material analysis, testing and application, and many sustainable innovative technologies and designs.

Warmframe® is a brand new word to the Curtain Wall Industry. Generally speaking, Warmframe® is a novel and high performance thermal break technology for building envelopes.

Since the thermal conductivities of the metal frames of facades are usually quite high, for example, the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is 160.00 W/(m∙K), thermal break materials with much lower thermal conductivities are usually placed in between the metal frames to provide better thermal performance. The traditional thermal breaks include: polyamide (nylon), polyurethane (PU), EPDM and etc. The thermal conductivities of these materials are about 0.25 W/(m∙K), which is much lower than the metals. However, the thermal conductivity of the High Performance Thermal Break Blanket is typically no larger than 0.019 W/(m∙K), which is less than one tenth of the traditional materials. In another words, the efficiency of the thermal loss thru the High Performance Thermal Break Blanket is more than 10 times better.

Warmframe® technology is to mechanically fix the High Performance Thermal Break Blanket, such as Warmframe® 1000 in between the interior and exterior metals. If properly designed, it may be combined smoothly with the existing facade system and maximized its advantages, such as thin profile, super high thermal performance, excellent water repellent and easy processing. Should Warmframe® technology is adopted, it may contribute to reduce the thermal transmittance of curtain wall frames (Uf) significantly, and improve the overall thermal transmittance of curtain wall (Ucw) eventually. Meanwhile, the condensation risks happen thru the frames are minimized to the lowest level. Warmframe® simplifies the detail of thermal break and encourages mechanical fixing, which resolves most of the concerns regarding structural safety.


Warmframe® 1000 High Performance Thermal Break Blanket

Items Data
Nominal Thickness 6mm,10mm
Nominal Density 220 kg/m^3
Thermal Conductivity ≤0.020 W/m*K
Burning Behavior Grade A
Product Brochure and GB Test Report (PDF format)


To assure the highest quality and performance of facades, Warmframe® Technology offers the full scope professional services in each stages of the projects for our customers. The typical scope of services include:
Design Phase Performance Mock-up Testing Construction
  • Design reviews
  • Thermal modeling and engineering
  • Evaluate the risk of condensation, and define the critical area for improvement
  • Design optimization proposal and report
  • Value engineering
  • Aidance with customers on the PMU assembly/installation, and provide technical support
  • Witness the testing process, and assist customers in resolving the problems (if any) during the testing
  • Review the shop drawings of customers, and feed back with professional comments
  • On-site technical services, including provide training for the staff of customers.
  • Assist customers in setting up the QA/QC program for construction
  • Trouble shooting during the construction
  • Warranties


About Us

Warmframe® Technology is the professional and systematic solution provider of the high performance thermal break technology for building envelopes. Warmframe® Technology is the leader of thermal break design and technology in the industry. Our technical team has extensive experiences working with the domestic and international professionals in providing professional thermal break solutions, providing technical design and engineering services, witnessing the testing process, guiding the construction and carrying out quality inspections. Our major team members play important roles in the national construction codes and standards committees, expert peer panel of international professional organizations.

Our Warmframe® solutions improve the thermal performance of facades significantly, meet the most stringent project-specific thermal requirements, and reduce the condensation risks. Meanwhile, we make sure the solutions meet the expectation of customers' comprehensive cost and are constructability. As a professional and systematic solution provider of the high performance thermal break technology for building envelopes, Warmframe® Technology offers project teams with the full scope services including design review, thermal engineering, design optimization, value engineering, testing witness, construction guidance and warranties.


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